Specialist in Structural engineering

Our services include both structural coordinator, and component designing tasks. In our design projects we follow the Eurocodes and we take into account the effect of outdated standards for the plans. For construction companies our design content is composed from several different solutions, depending on the scheduling and the goals that we have to achieve.

Building physics

We execute analysis and simulations of various types of physical phenomena. Examples of these applications are structural analysis, thermal conduction (U-value) calculations, simulation of air flows in air conditioning and simulation of moisture transfer. The solution can be detailed in 3D/2D simulation model or 0D model which describes the overall behavior of the system.

Load arrangement according to Eurocodes

We implement the load arrangements according to the Eurocodes and provide the neccessary initial data for calculations of mechanical resistance and stability.

Eurocode -measuring of steel structures

We specialize in Eurocode-measuring of steel structures and we execute resistance calculations following the additional Eurocode rules for example plate structures, stainless steel, silos and tanks. In additon we execute and give guidance for computing execution specification documentation of SFS-EN 1090-2 standard.

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