Environment configurations

We define Tekla Structures environment settings of the design offices to correspond the company’s operating principles. Functional cooperation between the various partners and programs will improve the quality of the plans and speeds up the working procedures.

Connection development

We develop detailing components for more efficient detail design. Tekla OpenAPI interface allows us to customize standard connections and details of the program to meet the requirements of our customer’s needs.

Building product applications

For product manufacturers we develop Tekla Structures -user oriented product libraries and profile databases. We complement the use of product objects with TeklaOpenAPI programs, and like this the designer is lead to select the product as early as possible.

The interface applications

When the plans aren’t made ​​with single program environment or program family, the information must be transferred beteen partied with different methods. The data can be transferred with files or generically in the same workstation, or on a cloud service. We develop interface applications and hosting service between design softwares for more efficient data synchronization.


We offer tailor-made training packages of Tekla Structures to our customers. Content of training package can be included to a real project, which means that the training costs can be reduced and this way the benefits of the training are even bigger.

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