We upgraded R-Steel components for Tekla Structures software. Tekla Warehouse has now product components for Tekla’s version 2017i. We also added components what haven’t been there before. The new components are R-Steel Base bolts, R-Steel Column shoes and R-Steel Wall shoes. Product components are available free of charge for designers. The interface and functionality correspond to the detailed component.


R-Steel Column shoes are fastening components that are used to create moment resisting connections for precast columns. Stresses developed within the column are transferred to the column shoes, through the anchor bolts and across the grouted gap, to the adjoined structures e.g.to the foundations.



R-Steel Wall shoes are fastening components that are used with RPP and RPP-E base bolts to create tension resisting connections across joints between two precast wall elements or between precast wall element and a site cast structure.




Base bolts transfer tension, compression and shear forces to reinforced concrete foundation structures. Tension and compression forces are transferred by anchorage of the ribbed rebars, and by bearing onto anchorage plates.




The products are modeled in the Tekla Structures model in accordance with the general methods which are given to the casting elements. The toolbar/ribbon has its own product group for all products whose parameters can be changed with the help of the opening interface. The tool can be used to select commonly used warehouse products, making the selection quick and flawless. If necessary, the selection can be changed or supplemented according to the designer’s needs.

The object contains all necessary properties those are defined in document “CREATING STANDARD EMBEDS FOR GLOBAL USE” from Tekla Corporation. In the model user can manage easily product information and can use it for reports and different type of drawings.